Updated at 10:00 am on 01/10/2005
New Zealand Election 2005 

Official Count Results -- Tamaki

This is not the formal declaration of results.
The Chief Electoral Officer declares the results of the official count by publishing a notice in the NZ Gazette.
Electorate Number:49 Final:Yes
Polling Places Counted: 40 of 40 (100.0%)  Votes Counted: 36,946
Winning Candidate:PEACHEY, Allan (NAT) Majority:9,510
Parties Candidates
Labour Party 11,890 BOYLE, LeilaLAB11,446
Direct Democracy Party 6 BURCH, GrantDDP45
United Future New Zealand 615 GRAYDON, GregUFNZ504
National Party 19,829 PEACHEY, AllanNAT20,956
Jim Anderton's Progressive 265 ROBSON, MattJAP950
ACT New Zealand 1,009 SHIRLEY, Ken ACT1,258
New Zealand First Party 1,393 WEBSTER, BrettNZF973
99 MP Party 6    
Alliance 6    
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 54    
Christian Heritage NZ 22    
Democrats for Social Credit 5    
Destiny New Zealand 98    
Green Party 1,423    
Libertarianz 12    
M‚ori Party 149    
New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party 19    
OneNZ Party 2    
The Republic of New Zealand Party 4    
Party Informals139 Candidate Informals 411
TOTAL 36,946 TOTAL  36,543

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